The Friendship Lane

What is the Friendship Lane? - The Friendship Lane will be utilized as a way to promote unity and friendship amongst the attending schools. In this lane, students from different schools are encouraged to come together and form a “Friendship Team” in which they will participate in the games’ heats. There will be no referees to make calls. Its sole purpose is to create another aspect of SPUF that will be brought out during the games aspect, and it will not be accounted for towards the competition. The Friendship Lane will be on a first come first serve basis. 

The Friendship Lane will NOT be in effect for Conveyor Belt.


  • No more than 2 players from the same school can be on a Friendship Team.

  • Schools absolutely CANNOT use this lane to practice.

    • If caught using the Friendship Lane as practice, your school will be automatically disqualified from that game.

  • The Friendship Lane must not disrupt the competitive lanes in any way (Ex.: Going into competitive lanes, trying to distract players in the other lanes, etc.).

  • If caught disrupting the competitive lanes, the schools participating in the Friendship Lane will be deducted 5 points in their overall games’ scores.