OCT. 19 - 2019

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Friendship Games

Friendship Games began in 1985 and features over 40 Pilipinx American Student organizations from college campuses representing California, Nevada and Arizona that participate in a day of friendly but competitive picnic games, performances and to celebrate “S.P.U.F” – Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship. Schools compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies. The school that shows the most S.P.U.F is awarded an 8 foot tall trophy. Find out more


Roll Call

Roll Call is the "opening ceremony" of Friendship Games. At 9:00 AM, participating organizations will take the stage and partake in a performance that represents their school and show their S.P.U.F. Find out more



Participating organizations may compete in a variety of friendly picnic style games during the day of the event! Games include:

  • Alpine Green

  • The Nasty

  • Big Groundhog

  • Conveyor Belt

  • Up and Under

For a complete description and rules of the games, please read more here.



To be announced




California State University, Fullerton - Intramural Field


Friendship Games will be taking place at the California State University, Fullerton - Intramural Field. For a complete description of location details and directions please click here.