Here's where you'll find the Frequently Asked Questions. If there are any further questions, please contact the Friendship Games Co-Coordinators at

Question: Who can attend FG?

Answer: Individuals participating in PASA Friendship Games must be members of their represented institution’s student organization. As a member of the student organization to which you belong, you agree to the terms of membership for that institution.

Individual institutions and groups are held responsible for any person who attends the event representing their particular university or college and their organization. California State University, Fullerton has the right to remove any participant who does not follow event guidelines. All visitors on the campus community are considered to be guests of the University and therefore subject to the rules and regulations of the State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, the President’s Directives, and the University policies and procedures. It is each individual groups’ and participants’ responsibility to read and understand these policies.


California State University President’s Directives

California State University, Fullerton Policies

Title V, California Code of Regulations, Standards for Student Conduct

California State University, Fullerton Hazing Policy


Question: What is the Chief Student Affairs Officer, and why do we need it?

The Chief Student Affairs officer is normally the Vice President of Student Affairs or Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. If you do not have those position titles on your campus, we would be happy with an Assistant or Associate Vice President or Chancellor or a Dean of Students. The reason we ask for this person’s signature is:

1.       It confirms that the Chief Student Affairs officer is cognizant of this event and that the institution is sending student representation.

2.       It gives us a name to contact, should there be issues with students from the sending institution related to code of conduct (we’ve had this problem before so this is a proactive measure)

3.       It alerts the Chief Student Affairs officer of the magnitude of the event, including risks involved and policies related to the event.


Question: What forms of ID do I need to bring to FG?

Answer: You need a valid school ID issued by the institution that you attend AND a photo ID with date of birth.


Question: What is considered a photo ID?

Answer: Driver’s license, state ID, passport, passport card, military ID, permanent resident card, consulate ID card, or any form ID with a photo of the participant and their birthdate.


Question: Why do we need both a photo ID with our birthdate and our school ID?

Answer: We need to be able to hold an institution accountable for you and your actions, whether they are appropriate or inappropriate. For this reason, we need to be able to confirm that you are a student (student ID). The second photo ID with your birthdate confirms your identity and your age, so that we are aware of who is participating as a minor (students who are under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian signature on their liability form).


Question: What if you are under the age of 18?

Answer: Your parent must sign your liability form.


Question: Can individuals not participating in Friendship Games nor affiliated with a participating school attend Friendship Games?

Answer: Yes, of course. They must sign a liability form and present a photo ID.


Question: What do you do if your wristband breaks?

Answer: Bring your broken wristband (if possible) to the registration booth and you will be given a new one.


Question: What is considered hazing?

Answer: Please see the registration packet for CSUF’s Hazing Policy on page 6-7.


Question: Where can we find the list of prohibited items?

Answer: Please see page 9 in the registration packet.


Question: What is your policy on bringing food into FG?

Answer:  Homemade food intended only for personal consumption (i.e. -- sandwiches) are permitted. Food intended for team consumption must be commercially prepared. Food intended for team consumption may not be sold or distribute to other teams or other team members.


Question: What is your policy on bringing drinks into FG?

Drinks are only allowed if they are unopened, and in sealed containers (i.e. water bottles must be sealed in original box and plastic wrapping and not individually handled). Ice must be unopened, and easily removable from cooler.


Question: Which parking structure should we use?

Answer: Please use parking structure on State College Blvd., near the Titan Student Union. Buses can use Lot A.


Question: What time does Friendship Games Start?

Answer: Registration begins at 8AM, Roll Call starts at 9AM. See the schedule in the registration packet on page 3.


Question: What time are we allowed to begin lining up?

Answer: As early as 7AM.


Question: How do we go about sending props for approval?

Answer: To prevent the confiscation of props the day of FG, we now request that each school send digital pictures of all props and items your school wants to bring to Friendship Games. Please send these pictures to the Friendship Games Co-Coordinators at on or before October 6th. This is a hard deadline. We will review prop photos with our advisor and University Police. Schools will be notified if their props have been approved. If their props are not approved, we will inform schools about why and suggest changes that need to be made. Any items that are not pre-approved by CSUF PASA and our University Police will be confiscated at the gates. *Please do not bring wooden poles, planks, or sticks (including broom sticks) to hold up your school letters.*


Question: Once our props are approved, are they for sure allowed on the day of FG?

Answer: No. CSUF University Police are allowed to confiscate anything they see as a threat to safety regardless of whether or not they previously approved it.


Question: What is considered a stunt?

Answer: Sitting on shoulders, human pyramids, helicopters, basket toss, front/back flipping using another person, etc.


Question: What is the max number of roll call participants on the stage at one time?

Answer: 50. We WILL count participants and hold you accountable to this, as this is a serious safety issue. Please DO NOT put your club members at risk.


Question: Who should we write our money order or checks to?

Answer: “CSUF PASA Kaibigan Friendship Games” NOTE: A $50 fee will be issued if checks are NOT written out to CSUF PASA Friendship Games. This is to cover any additional cost of transactions for processing.


Question: Can we send our documents separately?

Answer: Yes, however it does not speed up your registration. You are considered registered when BOTH your registration forms and payment are received.


Question: What is CSUF’s smoking policy?

Answer: We are a smoke-free campus, this includes e-cigs.


Question: Where is the entrance?

Answer: The entrance is on the east side of the Tennis Courts and behind the Kinesiology Building. 


Question: Where are we allowed to set up and what may we bring?

Answer: See our Friendship Games Map.


Question: Are we allowed to bring water?

Answer: YES. We highly advise that you bring lots of water, as long as the packaging follows the drink policy.


Question: May we bring coolers for our waters?

Answer: YES. However, see the drink policy for the ice policy.  


Question: What will happen if it starts to rain?

Answer: See Plan B in the registration packet on page 19.