Referee System

Friendship Games 2019 Referee System - The Friendship Games Sports Coordinator has selected 5 other schools alongside Cal State Fullerton that will be reffing the day of. This action has been taken in order to minimize the amount of wrong calls. The Sports Coordinator will personally train each school in terms of rules and regulations in order to ensure that calls will be made to the Sports Coordinator’s standards while maintaining the aspects of Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship.



In addition to California State University, Fullerton the following schools were selected and have agreed to ref for Friendship Games 2019:

  • To Be Announced

  • Friendship Games 2018 Champions: San Jose State University

These schools were selected to ref based on their knowledge of the games in the past years, their competitiveness and commitment shown throughout the games, and also their willingness to minimize immediate miscommunication and biases between schools and referees. Whether participating schools are here for fun or to compete, the schools mentioned above will know all of the information that is essential to put on a successful event.

The reffing schools will meet with the Friendship Games Sports Coordinator for a referee orientation. The purpose of the Referee orientation is to clarify any last minute questions one might have before the start of the games. Please meet at the Info Booth at 10:30 AM, and be prompt. Games will follow shortly, starting at 11:00 AM.