Prohibited Items

Below is a list of prohibited items at Friendship Games 2018. Please read the list carefully as none of them will be allowed into the event. This includes items that are used as or affixed to any roll call/SPUF props. To avoid the chance of getting your items confiscated, please follow the directions below. 

  1. Avoid using any of these items or items that resemble them in your props.
  2. Ask questions prior to starting the production of your props. 
  3. When props are completed, please email photos and a short description of these items to the Friendship Games Co-Coordinators.
    -Props photos AND a description of their materials/function are due by October 6. If your group needs an extension, contact the FG coordinators directly. (DIGITAL PHOTOS ONLY; NO DRAWINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED)
    -All photos will be in a binder at the entrance to the event. If your props have been altered since the most recent photo, they will not be allowed into the event.
  4. CSUF PASA, its advisors, and University Police reserve the right to confiscate any items that are deemed unsafe or inappropriate on the day of the event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Friendship Co-Coordinators at 

Aside from celebrating friendship, the number one goal of Friendship Games is safety.

We appreciate your help in continuing this throughout the years.