Passion planner

Company Overview

Write it down, make it happen. Passion Planner is more than your average calendar— it’s your to-do list, task manager, appointment scheduler, progress tracker, memory keeper... the possibilities are infinite. It’s your personal coach that walks you through identifying your long and short term goals, turn them into actionable steps, and integrate them into your day to day life, so you’re always focused on what really matters.

But in this digital age how successful could a paper planner be? Since going viral in November 2014, Passion Planner has been backed by over 46,000 people and has successfully raised over $1,650,000 on Kickstarter alone. Passion Planner owes its success to giving. They do their part to create a better world by giving away one planner for each planner sold. They hope to help people realize their passions and create the life they’ve always wanted. They are always working towards their company’s mission: “may all beings be happy,” starting with their staff and radiating out into their community.

Beginning with one woman in her parent’s garage, Passion Planner has grown to a team of fifty strong. They are a group of millennials that run a successful company because they don’t operate like a normal company. The company’s emphasis on team building and the personal development of each team member shows in their exceptional customer service and some of the most artistic and inspirational social media feed you’ll ever see. They’re a group of millennials out to inspire the world to take action and chase their dreams, one planner at a time.