Friendship Games 2013 T-Shirt Contest

We are cordially inviting you to make your mark on Friendship Games 2013!

The Friendship Games Co-Coordinators are now accepting t-shirt  and tanktop designs for this year's event.  

Before submitting your design, please be sure to keep the following guidelines in mind: 

  • Limit designs to THREE colors or less
  • Design can only be on the front of the shirt/tank
  • Designs may only contain the following wording
    -Friendship Games 2013 or FG 2013 (required)
    -CSUF PASA (required)
    -Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship

The winning design will not be revealed until the day of Friendship Games 2013. Winners will receive an official Friendship Games 2013 shirt or tank with their design on it. 

Please send submissions to

by MIDNIGHT on September 29th. 


    FG Coordinators