Only the top 3 schools from each heat will be awarded points

1st Place = 16.5 pts

2nd Place = 11.5 pts

3rd Place = 6.5 pts


  • A team will consist of 4 people who identify as a man and 4 people who identify as a woman but only 7 people may be lined up (alternating genders) on the ground width-wise to act as the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will then log roll from one end of the field to the other end all the while having their 8th teammate (either gender) on top.

  • The “Package”, which is the 8th teammate, is rolled continuously atop the team made conveyor belt to reach the finish line located on the opposite end of the field. The last person of the conveyor belt continuously switches quickly to the front of the conveyor belt, which is heading towards the finish line. If they do not switch the transported teammate will fall off the conveyor belt and will have to start at the point where he/she/they fell off.


  • Those who compose of the conveyor belt may not use their hands to transport their teammate along the length of the field. Hands must be out of the conveyor belt and above your head.

  • Propelling a teammate is illegal and is very unsafe in transporting a teammate to the finish line.

  • The transported teammate who falls during the conveyor belt will have to start at the point where he/she/they they fell off.

  • The transported teammate must lay on his/her/their back with arms crossed and cannot move while being transported. He/she/they can only move when they are dropped.

  • Players who compose of the conveyor belt must be lined up on the ground in an alternating order of head, feet, head, feet, etc.

  • The use of hands, the failure to fix alternating positions, or the failure to fix rolling into other lanes can result in a warning from referees. Three warnings will result in disqualification from the game.