Big Groundhog


  • 1st Place = 15 pts

  • 2nd Place = 9 pts

  • 3rd Place = 4 pts


  • 5 people who identify as a man and 5 people who identify as a woman will line up facing their teammate’s back having their arms extended at shoulder height. The last person in the line will then drop to his or her hands and knees and crawl quickly as he or she can between the legs of his or her teammates.

  • Upon reaching the front of the line, that person will then stand up and be in position to allow teammates to pass through his or her legs while still having arms extended at shoulder height.

  • Corresponding teammates from the rear can only start crawling once the previous person has planted both feet down at the front of the line.

  • The teammates will start at one end of the field and all of them will have to cross the finish line on the opposite end to complete the game.


  • Once the team has lined up on the side of the finish line accordingly, the referee will raise his or her hand to establish that the team has completed the game.

  • No one is allowed to move except for the person that is crawling. Everyone’s feet except the crawler must stay planted.

  • The next player can only begin to crawl when the previous player reaches the front and plants their feet.

  • Both palms of hands must stay on the shoulder at all times.

  • Incorrect hand placement, feet movement, or starting early can result in warnings from referees. Three warnings will result in disqualification from the game.

  • Knees must be exposed while playing.

  • Once the crawling player reaches the front, they are allowed a total of two stepping motions to plan their feet.